Regular gardening is carried out either on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Those customers wishing to have their gardens taken care of, including lawn mowing, will receive fortnightly visits. Customers who want their gardens maintained, but not the lawns, because they prefer to stick to their existing arrangements for lawnmowing, will receive visits once every 4 weeks.

Those customer not wishing to use our regular maintenance service may prefer to use our services just once or twice a year to keep their gardens in order.

Regular maintenance by our gardeners can include the following:
  • Keeping beds and borders weed-free
  • Attending to shrubs, roses and plants as and when necessary
  • Keeping paths, patios, driveways and shingled areas weed-free
  • Trimming hedges
  • Mowing lawns and trimming the edges (If required)
Patio cleaning service available.
Fence and shed treatment service available.

All work undertaken from small jobs to large projects.

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