• Brick walls
  • Block walls
  • Flint walls
  • Natural stone
  • Archways
  • Raised beds
  • Features created

Height and interest to an otherwise flat garden area can be introduced by adding walls. With our specialist expertise you get proven, cost-effective and pleasing walling that blends into the ambience of your garden .

A Brick wall can add maturity and a warm effect to many gardens. It can also have functions as well: retaining a soil bank, forming an edge or division, housing a BBQ, creating a raised bed, enclosing the wheely-bin or compost heap, help in levelling a site for the patio, screening off neighbours, or simply acting as a boundary.

An arch can be built to hang a gate on, thereby softening the sharp angles of an otherwise rectangular feature .

All work undertaken from small jobs to large projects.

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